We offer consulting to churches and Christian organizations to help unify and organize the staff and leaders in an effective, productive manner.

The challenge in our Christian organizations ...

Throughout both the Old and the New Testaments, the hurts and wounds of humanity are manifested in the troubled workings of the church. The religious leaders of the Old Testament often fostered legalism, judgment and hypocrisy; Paul's many letters tells us the churches of the New Testament were in constant need of support, encouragement and correction.

But because we are a hopeful people, it still surprises us when our Christian churches and ministries continue to struggle with the very same troubles we see in the Bible:

  • Sin
  • Conflict
  • Discouragement
  • Burnout
  • General disarray
  • Dysfunction

  • We think, "Of all places, it ought to be better here." We are Christians! Our pastors and leaders work tirelessly to bring visions and missions into fruition in service to the Lord they love, and our Christian workers work faithfully to fit the demands of ministry into their already busy and complicated lives.

    All of us know we are called to serve God, and to be His Body on earth, and so we come together for common purposes, but sometimes only find ourselves feeling bound and tied and frustrated by the very church or ministry we love.

    How is the health of your ministry body?

    Because we are called to produce good fruit, we often look at the overall picture of accomplishment when we evaluate the health and productivity of our ministries. If we are leaders we look to whether we are achieving our stated mission goals and objectives, if the vision is somehow coming into focus. How many of the hungry have we fed and clothed, how many non-believers have we evangelized?

    This kind of evaluation is not inappropriate. After all, Paul reminds us to keep our eye on the finish line; this will get us through the rough race ahead of us. Sometimes, however, churches and ministries can be serving God dutifully and accomplishing missions effectively for indefinite periods of time, and still be struggling mightily day by day to simply survive. Inside the Body, things aren't right.

    Let's ask some different kinds of questions ...

    The following questions may help you to discern areas of need in your church or ministry. This is by no means a comprehensive list; rather a means of focusing on some important but often neglected signs of organizational struggle. No matter whether you are pastor, leader, paid worker or volunteer, answering from the heart will be helpful:

  • Is tiredness prevalent among leaders and workers? Are some doing the work of many?
  • Are pastors, leaders available for relationship, sharing?
  • Do you believe you are doing the work you are called and gifted by God to do?
  • Can differing opinions and approaches be freely expressed in your organization?
  • Is a diversity of gifts fostered and appreciated? Are you free to disagree?
  • Can you share frustrations and hurts freely? Can you make mistakes?
  • Do you have a clear sense of your purpose/work/job description?
  • Is there a process of consensus in your organization? Are you asked for input?
  • Can your organization be described as a brother/sisterhood in Christ?

  • Isn't this to be expected?

    In Scripture, we are encouraged to look at our service to the Lord is through the eyes of Christian warriors. We are in a great battle, and it goes to follow that when we serve God we anger the enemy, thus we can expect to be bombarded with every weapon in his possession to keep us from accomplishing God's will on earth.

    Pastors, leaders and workers, knowing this to be truth, can be tempted to justify internal problems, assuming that they must be doing it right or Satan wouldn’t be targeting them for attack. But scripture tells us Satan has no foothold in a house swept clean. We must attend to the condition of the Body.

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